A. Yarden Trans. (A.Y.T) is a private company which imports and market mechanical and electrical assemblies for trucks and agriculture vehicles tarpaulin covers.

We specialize in dump trucks and Agricultural vehicles.


Our vision is to lead the transportation sector in quality and innovativeness.

Our company was founded in 2013 after realizing that the transportation sector needs new products to help the truck drivers work safer and more efficiently.

We put a lot of time and thinking with each product so we can provide quality and save time for our customers. We also promise our customers guidance throughout the process.


Our customers can enjoy unique solutions which are a direct product of great experience.


In A.Y.T we always aspire for innovativeness and excellence with our products and processes, therefore, we always keep researching our sector and customer's needs, to make sure that, through development, we will be able to accommodate those needs while developing new cutting edge quality products.

We are welcoming all of you to come and join us.


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No.18 Keren Hayesod st., Tirat Carmel, Israel

Phone: +972-73- 7310300 fax: +972-73- 7527717




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